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The Mission of Warm Hands Warm Feet is to provide warmth to the community. 

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 The vision of Warm Hands Warm Feet is to be able to provide continuous warmth to our community. 

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The Story

 The Idea of Warm Hands Warm Feet came about when I was in college.  I was attending Western Michigan University at the time.  One day in winter I was taking the train home for the weekend.  The train station is in downtown Kalamazoo, where there is a homeless population.  As I was sitting waiting for my train, a man walked in and sat down next to me and started taking off his shoes.  When he took his shoes off and had on no socks and preceded to wrap news paper around his feet.  At that moment I realized some people don't have the basic necessities to live.


- Kyra Bailey 

President and founder of Warm Hands Warm Feet


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At Warm Hands Warm Feet we want to be able to help provide the community with warmth.  We provide the community with warming bags to keep warm during the winter months.

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